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There's an excitement that comes from finding a collectible item that's meaningful to you. It's like discovering buried treasure. Visit 3 Guys Resale to see what treasures you can find. We have everything from paintings to model airplanes.

We're always updating our inventory of collectibles, so you never know what you could find. You could even get something that gains value over time. With a good eye and a bit of luck, shopping for collectibles could be a smart investment of time and money.

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What treasures will you find?

What treasures will you find?

We have a large variety of collectibles available at our store. You can come in to find:

  • Model cars
  • Gun replicas
  • Figurines
  • Pictures
  • Steins

You might be able to find something that reminds you of your childhood or something to give your home a classy look. Visit us now to check out our collectible items.